Noggin facts

I don’t know why I find things like this…and find them interesting but here goes..

Head Anthropometry

Head Anthropometry

Actually, I was trying to find (mathematically) the optimal lens, focal distance, and DoF for doing closeup portraits. Example: from what I found using a 360mm lens and an 8×10 film, to fill the frame top/bottom & left/right, the <average> subject should be sitting about 2.2ft (0.67m) from the lens. At f/16, the total dof would be just shy of 1/2 an inch (11.3mm)..and would be about 28% larger than life. Ghod is punishing me for skipping all those algebra classes in highschool.

Wetplate Build Notes

I’ve decided the best way to attack this wetplate project is to break it down into its main components and address each part individually so as to not get overwhelmed AND make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. Below is the list of what areas and key issues I need to overcome:

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Wetplate Camera Build Kickoff

Anonymous "A Veteran with his Wife", Hand Tinted Ambrotype - Wet Collodion Positive

“A Veteran with his Wife” (anonymous; Hand Tinted Ambrotype)

This writeup is pretty much for me to come up with a game plan, but it also should (maybe?) help anyone thinking of starting the process of wetplate photography. I am starting ONLY with a core knowledge of how cameras work and basic wood working skills. What I need to do is figure out what I need both in materials and skills in order to build a wetplate camera from scratch.

First and foremost is why on earth would someone want to build a camera from scratch?

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Yet another BLOG reboot!

I’m back!

I’m sooo bad at keeping a consistent blog going.  Ugh.  I always start strong and then quickly move on to other (not always bigger or better) things.  But, I’m gonna keep pushing on this.  Thanks for playing along!

The Sordid Story of a Domain Name

I am writing this article to both document, educate, and hopefully entertain my friends.  In the event that this article gets in the wild, I have pulled the names to reduce the potential of aggravating an already bad situation.  However, that status may not be permanent.

Preamble (optional background if you don’t know what a gTLD is):

Without getting too technical, let me first set the scene.  Most everyone is aware of website addresses that end in .com, .net, or .org.  These are called Top Level Domains (TLDs).  Up until this year, there have only been a few of these and with 6 billion people (and perhaps even more websites than that) relevant and unique domain names are becoming a limited resource.  That is until the recent adoption of new Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs).  This new paradigm will introduce up to 900+ top levels.  Continue reading

Podcast #2 is in the can!

Toyo Large Format Camera

My first 4×5 field camera.

Hi All,


I just posted my second podcast on youtube.  In this episode I’m reviewing the prototype table I created to do 360 Product Photography.  The original table had some limitations but helped identify key things that I need to address moving forward on the second design.   The image above is the main prop used for photography.  I think I’m going to feature a different camera for each product photo blog.

For the podcast itself, this one went a bit easier than the first one.  I’m having a difficult time overcoming the mental block from being in front of the camera.  I am trying a script on key pieces, but reading is obvious.  Will probably be building a teleprompter here in a few weeks.

Ephemera magazine spread

Created a 6-page spread for Digital Publishing. The visual concept is a romanticized view of decaying man-made landscapes (hopefully) enhanced with classic/ancient poetry.  The background of each page is a unique landscape photograph that is “fading” away (feathered from side to side).  On top of that is a different unique landscape image.  Originally the background was just a visual gimmick, but then I realized that architecture is often built on the ruins of older civilizations.  It’s a cycle of life thing.

DAM Crazy

So, I had to do a mock magazine for a Digital Publishing class the other day.  The topic was about social media and how we use it.  It got me thinking that I really have no DAM (Digital Asset Management) plan in place for stuff I put online.  The OCD kicks in with the help of Visio and I created this flowchart of where my online content should be ultimately hosted based upon the type of data and the proxy it’s going to be used.  HOLY COW, it is a helluva lot more complex than I had imagined.

I’ve been a fan of for many years, so will probably keep them as my hosting provider (great organizational tools, fast and secure hosting, my own branding, etc.)  It does host videos as well, but i can’t proxy the files to YouTube or Vimeo so I’m opting to put the large (good quality) vids on Zenfolio and then the lower quality stuff on YouTube.

Facebook (the evil, soul-stealing, bastards) will only be graced with my low-res snapshots (and links to my website).

This is the first step and only covers file storage.  Next step is content management and marketing.  ugh.

Real Photogs do it In-Camera! (part deux)

This is my second “in camera” exploded view shot.  Other than a few PS clone stamps to remove the strings, it was all done in-camera with one shot.  It actually wasn’t as difficult as the “Juggling Dice” shot earlier.    The trick was to set up a bar (used my dropcloth rig) across the top and like a puppeteer, lower the pieces into place.  The lens was the hardest as it was the heaviest and required using actual fishing line instead of the thinner invisible thread.  I did luck out in the fact that everything was essentially balanced so it hung vertically.


Real Photogs do it In Camera….

It took all day and several different setups, but the results look quite nice.  This is one shot, no Photoshop (well, did some refinements but no copy/paste…i really need to get my sensor cleaned) and no CGI.  One strobe with a makeshift (tinfoil) snoot; several yards of invisible thread, and a lot of tape.  Part of my Studio final project.  Only 4 more unique shots to go before Monday.